Alexey G.Levinson

Alexey G.Levinson born in 1944 in Moscow. MA: Oriental History, Moscow State University, 1968.  PhD Arts 1981 on Social History of Mass Entertainment in Russia.

Studied theoretical sociology at Institute of Social Studies (Academy of Science of the USSR, 1968-1972), Qualitative Research at UK and BRD in 1992-1993.

1972-1987 worked as sociologist in different research institutes in Moscow.

In 1987 joined first Soviet (since 1991 Russian) center of public opinion research (VCIOM).

Served for two terms as the representative of European Society of Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) in Russia.

In 2003 moved to non-governmental organization Yuri Levada Analytical Center (Levada Center) as Head of Sociocultural Research.

Author of over 300 articles in general and professional press (Some translated and published in Germany, Japan, Poland, Hungary) and ‘’Opyt Sociografii” book of articles (2004).

Columnist at Novaya Gazeta and Moscow Times newspapers and NZ magazine.