Amanda Paul

Amanda Paul is a Senior Policy Analyst in Europe in the World Programme at the EPC. She has well-established expertise on issues related to Turkish foreign and domestic policy, Ukraine, security and conflict resolution in the Black Sea region, Russian foreign policy in the former Soviet space, EU enlargement, and foreign policy in its Eastern neighborhood. Amanda leads the EPC’s Ukraine’s European Future and Global Türkiye projects. She is also Senior Associate Research Fellow at the International Centre for Policy Studies in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she contributes to research and events related to Ukraine and the broader region. She is also a Senior Advisor on issues related to the Eurasia region for Stober, Poltavets, and Associates. For some ten years, she was a columnist in the Turkish media covering issues related to Turkey and the broader region. Before joining the EPC, Amanda worked at the Centre for European Policy Studies, the European Commission, and German multinational Henkel. She has published widely on her areas of expertise in numerous external publications, including academic journals, books, and in the media.