Nicolas Tenzer

Graduated from École normale supérieure, Sciences-Po Paris and École nationale d’administration (ENA), he has a Master degree in History.

A senior civil servant, he is a former adviser to the French Minister of Economy and Finance. He was investigator at the Court of Auditors and Head of Department in Strategic Planning Commissariat (Prime Minister’s Office). He served as head of a special mission on international issues for the French government. He has led several missions for international organizations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Algeria, Ukraine, Montenegro, Egypt, Serbia, Haiti, Morocco and Jordan.

Nicolas wrote three official reports for the French government:.

On January 22nd 2022, he has been appointed non-resident senior fellow at Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA).

Chairman of the Center for Studies and Research on Political Decision (CERAP), he is guest professor at Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA, Sciences-Po), and other French universities. Nicolas has also been visiting professor at foreign universities (U.S., Canada, Serbia, South Korea, Indonesia, etc.) and guest speaker at many leading international conferences on security and international issues.

His last pieces and lectures are since more than ten years mostly focusing on political risk analysis, European security issues, Russia and Ukraine, NATO, disinformation warfare, Middle-East, US foreign policy, Human Rights and corruption.

Nicolas is the author of 23 books. His last one Our War. Crime and Oblivion: Reframing Strategic Thinking has been published on January 2024 and is mostly focused on the Russian war on Ukraine.

He also authored more than one thousand scientific papers and op-eds.

He founded in June 2021 the foreign policy and security policy blog Tenzer Strategics: that has thousands of subscribers worldwide.

You may follow Nicolas on X @NTenzer, Blue Sky, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.