Anja Koch

Anja Koch is an experienced freelance journalist who has been reporting on national and international stories from the German capital and further afield. Anja holds a Master of Arts degree in journalism from the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.
For more than fourteen years she has reported for Germany’s renowned public broadcaster ARD and Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle.
As a political correspondent for Deutsche Welle, Anja has extensively covered German politics. She reported on general elections in the country, the refugee and migration debate in the EU, and the rise of the far-right. Being born in East-Berlin, she is especially interested in the economic and social transformation of East Germany since the reunification.

Anja also reported about the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Her first reporting trip in 2009 led to several subsequent stints. Other field-reporting trips have taken her – among other countries – to Iran, India, Namibia and Rwanda.

In 2023, Anja was awarded a scholarship from the renowned International Journalists’ Programmes. For several weeks, Anja conducted journalistic research in Georgia where she fell in love with the Georgian people, the cuisine and the landscape. Anja will return to Georgia for more in-depth reporting in April 2024.