Areg Kochinyan

Areg Kochinyan, historian, political scientist, president at the “Research center on security policy” NGO.

Areg workes in the BoonTV as a host of Dilemma TV series

He worked in the GA educational complex as a history teacher (2020-2021), In the office of the RA Security Council, as the spokesperson of the Security Council Secretary (2018-2020), In the Development and Investment Fund of Syunik region of RA, as the chief coordinator of social and educational programs (2017-2018), In the “Enlight” public research center, as president (2016-2018), in the “Future is Yours” NGO, as a project coordinator (2013-2016).

Areg is doing a postgraduate course at YSU History Faculty, he is holding YSU History Faculty’s Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree, YSU’s Faculty of International Relations, Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Areg’s research interests include security policy, international relations, transitional processes of societies, the roles of the elites in the sociums.

He publishes interviews, articles, analyses, columns and lectures in Armenian, English and Russian, a graduate of the Diplomatic School of the MFA of RA, a graduate of the “American Institute of Economic and Political studies” of Charles University in Prague, a graduate of the Rumsfeld fellowship in Washington DC etc.