Iulian Chifu

Professor dr. Iulian Chifu is the president of the Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Center Bucharest, since 2002, an NGO specialised in research in International Relations, conflict analysis and decision making in crisis. He is a professor at the National Defense University Bucharest and an associate professor to the National University for Political and Administrative Studies. He serves as advisor to the President of the Romanian Senate for foreign policy, security and strategic affairs.

Mr. Chifu has been Presidential Counsellor for Strategic Affairs and International Security, Romanian Presidency, between 2012-2014 and Presidential Counsellor for Strategic Affairs, Security and Foreign Policy between 2011-2012 for the Romanian President Traian Băsescu. Between 2021-2023 he was State Counsellor for Foreign Affairs, Security and Strategic Affairs of the Romanian Prime-Minister. He acts now as Counsellor of the President of the Romanian Senate.

Mr. Iulian Chifu is specialised in Conflict Analysis, Crisis Decision-making and Post/Conflict Reconstruction, Intelligence and National Security. He has a PhD in contemporary History of the International Relations in 2004 and one in Intelligence and National Security 2021. He conducts PhD thesis since 2022. He is author or co-authour of more than 58 books and hundreds  of articles.

He is alumni of International Visitors Leadership Program, Conflict Prevention at the US State Department, Washington (United States). He graduated Senior Course on Crisis Management and Civil Emergency Planning at the Institute for National Defense and Security Policy Studies, Swedish National Defense College, Stockholm (Sweden). He graduated multiple high level courses in Intelligence Analysis, Psychological operations and ,,Intelligence and Civil Society” at the Center for Civil-Military Relations, Naval Post-Graduate School, Monterrey, California (United States).